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Contact us for more Individual & Healthcare Reform information!

Contact us for more Individual & Healthcare Reform information!

January 1, 2014 everything changes...

Starting October 1, 2013 and extending through March 31, 2014, the Health Care Reform Exchanges will begin their Initial Enrollment Period

What does this mean for you?
Will your employer keep their health insurance plan?

For right now, individual health insurance offers you a great deal of control in building a plan that meets both what you want and what you can afford. Below are a few issues to consider:

1.     Selective maternity benefit to control costs

2.     Plan design freedom: choose your deductible, doctor office copays, Rx copays, or catastrophic coverage. Create a plan to meet what you want

3.     You can easily add additional benefits, like dental, life, and vision (in some cases)

4.     State mandated Preventive Services for $0 out of pocket: annual checkup, annual PAP, mammogram, PSA, colorectal screenings, diabetes screenings, flu & pneumonia shots, vaccinations, Well Child Care until age 18, etc.

5.     All children under the age of 19, regardless of pre-existing medical conditions or medical history are now guaranteed acceptance on a parent’s individual health insurance plan, although the premium may be rated up **

6.     Adult children to age 26 are allowed to stay on their parent’s individual health insurance plan **

7.     A child must be 19 or older to purchase their own individual health insurance plan, if they wish to do so. (Why would they wish to do so? As an affordable option compared to a parental group policy or high cost/low benefit “student policy” often offered by colleges and universities)

8.     An “uninsurable adult”? We provide High Risk Pool Options / FEI/HIPAA Options

9.     Download “Individual Health Insurance for Dummies”, pay special attention to Chapter 3: Health Insurance Guide

10.  Contact ISS for your individual health insurance policy

11. If you are married, and a small business owner, or if you have a side business, see the ISS BizPlan/AgriPlan page to see how to pay for 100% of your individual health insurance premiums AND out of pocket medical expenses tax free


**With an approved parental plan, private insurers now accept applications of all children under age 19, regardless of pre-existing conditions or medical history. These pre-existing condition limitations will also extend to all adults in 2014, meaning that no one will apply for health insurance with concern for being denied coverage. The Affordable Care Act also changes the way private health insurance companies provide coverage to young adults. The law requires that all insurers treat the adult children of policyholders as dependents until age 26. These adult dependents receive the same benefits and premiums as younger dependents, and insurers cannot deny coverage to an adult dependent due to marital status, financial independence or state of residence.

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The above link is for the BEST dental plan we have found, for groups or individuals:

$3500 annual maximum, see any dentist you want,
no waiting periods, full major benefit in the 3rd year

                           Travel Insurance Here! 

Going out of the US for business or pleasure? You want international medical insurance, plus emergency evacuation insurance (worldwide). Add a trip cancellation rider, and you are all set!

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Do you travel 30 to 40 days a year outside of the US? Put your travel insurance in place once, and forget it!
Individual Multi-Trip Insurance Here!


General Travel Insurance Link Here!

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